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Mạch nạp Zigbee SmartRF04EB

Mạch nạp Zigbee SmartRF04EB

Zigbee emulator downloader SmartRF04EB for CC1110, CC2530, CC2540...

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- SmartRF04EB, CC series wireless chip debugging tool that can be used CC11xx, CC24xx, CC25xx other series, supports a variety of commonly used debugging tools such as downloads, simulation, debugging, breakpoints, single-step, full speed, erase, read, encryption and support for protocol analysis;

    - With IAR for MCS-51 compiler for seamless connectivity, such as IAR730B, IAR751, IAR760, IAR810;

    - Supports the following software tools: SmartRF Studio, SmartRF Flash Programmer, IEEE Address Programmer, Packet Sniffer;

    - Supported operating systems: XP, WIN7, WIN8;

  • Programming of SW images on low-power RF system-on-chips
  • Programming of SW images on MSP430 devices
  • Programming/updating firmware and bootloader on the Evaluation Boards' USB MCU
  • Append SW image to existing SW on SoC
  • Read out SW image from SoC into hex file
  • Verify SW image on SoC against hex file
  • Programming of flash lock bits
  • Read/Write MAC (IEEE EUI64/48) addresses
  • Read Information Page on SoC
  • Powerful Command Line Interface

Automatic recognition speed, download speeds up to 150KB / S;

3.3V output voltage can directly drive the target board;

10Pin interface definition for the TI official standard version:


Module kết hợp Zigbee CC2530 và Wifi ESP8266 và LCD OLED
Giá : 890.000 đ /Cái
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