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700XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1778.00mm, 350 Răng, Rộng 10mm
0 đ/Cái
670XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1701.80mm, 335 Răng, Rộng 10mm
139,000 đ/Cái
630XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1600.20mm, 315 Răng, Rộng 10mm
133,000 đ/Cái
450XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1143.00mm, 225 Răng, Rộng 10mm
97,000 đ/Cái
400XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1016.90mm, 200 Răng, Rộng 10mm
87,000 đ/Cái
390XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 990.60mm, 195 Răng, Rộng 10mm
85,000 đ/Cái
Pin CR1632 Panasonic
Pin lithium Panasonic 3V; 140mAh
55,000 đ/Cái
380XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 965.20mm, 190 Răng, Rộng 10mm
83,000 đ/Cái
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Mạch Nạp SP200SE

Mạch Nạp SP200SE

EEPROM USB Programmer, Enhanced with ISP interface for 336 SCM

Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 11 Cái ROHS

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Application: Programmer Atmel, Microchip and SST, ST, WINBOND series single-chip microcomputer and EEPROM
Support USB1.1 or USB2.0 communication
Support WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 etc 32 bit and 64 bit operating system fully
Support Atmel, Microchip and SST, ST, WINBOND, STC, MSP430 etc brands hundreds of single chip microcomputer and EEPROM Programmer
Using USB port power supply, data and power one line type, convenient laptop users use
ISP interface using Atmel company recommended standard IDC10PIN interface
USB-TTL interface used on STC (manual cold start is required) and MSP430 series BSL program download
Perfect SP200SE programmer, the use of SP200SE software interface, support in both Chinese and English languages
Size:8 x 5 x 1.2cm
The compact, easy to carry
USB interface for communications and power supply,high communication speed, no external power supply
Single 40Pin locking design,support 8PIN, 20PIN and 40PIN chip
Built-in CPU, programming speed, precise timing, not affected by computer configuration
Powerful, easy to operate, the hardware without any manual settings
Support ATMEL/WINBOND/MCS51 series of the SST company microcontroller,support ATMEL/MICROCHIP/ST Company serial memory of &24,&93 series.
Support MCS51 series of ATMEL Corporation and AVR MCU download Programming (ISP) (only support enhanced version)
Friendly interface, professional full-featured design
Buffer editing capabilities, support for copying, filling, logic operations, data supporting 8 and 16 display
Simplified Chinese user interface
support WIN98SE/ME/2K/XP and other operating systems
System configuration requirements of low, stable operation
Programming commands, including programming, read, erase, blank check, verify, encrypt (write lock), fuse bits read and write, read and write configuration bits ...
Statistical functions, automatic statistics the number of programming success and failure
The serial number function applies a unique ID data is written to the product
Support automatic programming operation (equivalent to the batch), and can customize its operation content
Recent list of files to quickly load the files have been used
The device list functionality to quickly change the device for the recent use of other devices

AT89LS51    AT89LS51@PLCC44    AT89LS51@TQFP44    AT89LS52
AT89LS52@PLCC44    AT89LS52@TQFP44    AT89LS53    AT89LS53@PLCC44
AT89LS53@TQFP44    AT89LS8252    AT89LS8252@PLCC44    AT89C51
AT89C51@PLCC44    AT89C51@TQFP44    AT89C52    AT89C52@PLCC44
AT89C52@TQFP44    AT89C51-5    AT89C51-5@PLCC44    AT89C51-5@TQFP44
AT89C52-5    AT89C52-5@PLCC44    AT89C52-5@TQFP44    AT89S52
AT89S52@PLCC44    AT89S52@TQFP44    AT89S53    AT89S53@PLCC44
AT89S8252    AT89S8252@PLCC44    AT89C1051    AT89C1051@SOIC20
AT89C1051U    AT89C1051U@SOIC20    AT89C2051    AT89C2051@SOIC20
AT89C4051    AT89C4051@SOIC20    ATmega8515@ISP    ATmega8515L@ISP
ATmega88@ISP    ATmega48@ISP    ATmega168@ISP    ATmega16@ISP
ATmega16L@ISP    ATmega8@ISP    ATmega8L@ISP    ATmega8535@ISP
ATmega8535L@ISP    ATtiny2313@ISP    ATtiny2313V@ISP    ATtiny26@ISP
ATtiny26L@ISP    AT89S51    AT89S51@PLCC44    AT89S51@TQFP44
AT89S51@ISP    AT89S52@ISP    AT89LS52@ISP    AT89LS51@ISP
AT93C46    AT93C46@SOIC8    AT93C57    AT93C57@SOIC8
AT93C56    AT93C56@SOIC8    AT93C66    AT93C66@SOIC8
AT93C46A    AT93C46A@SOIC8    AT93C46C    AT93C46C@SOIC8
AT24C01    AT24C01@SOIC8    AT24C02    AT24C02@SOIC8
AT24C04    AT24C04@SOIC8    AT24C08    AT24C08@SOIC8
AT24C16    AT24C16@SOIC8    AT24C164    AT24C164@SOIC8
AT24C32    AT24C32@SOIC8    AT24C64    AT24C64@SOIC8
AT24C128    AT24C128@SOIC8    AT24C256    AT24C256@SOIC8
93AA46    93AA46@SOIC8    93AA56    93AA56@SOIC8
93AA66    93AA66@SOIC8    93AA46A    93AA46A@SOIC8
93AA46B    93AA46B@SOIC8    93AA46C    93AA46C@SOIC8
93LC46A    93LC46A@SOIC8    93LC46B    93LC46B@SOIC8
93LC46C    93LC46C@SOIC8    93C46A    93C46A@SOIC8
93C46B    93C46B@SOIC8    93C46C    93C46C@SOIC8
93AA56A    93AA56A@SOIC8    93AA56B    93AA56B@SOIC8
93AA56C    93AA56C@SOIC8    93LC56A    93LC56A@SOIC8
93LC56B    93LC56B@SOIC8    93LC56C    93LC56C@SOIC8
93C56A    93C56A@SOIC8    93C56B    93C56B@SOIC8
93C56C    93C56C@SOIC8    93AA66A    93AA66A@SOIC8
93AA66B    93AA66B@SOIC8    93AA66C    93AA66C@SOIC8
93LC66A    93LC66A@SOIC8    93LC66B    93LC66B@SOIC8
93LC66C    93LC66C@SOIC8    93C66A    93C66A@SOIC8
93C66B    93C66B@SOIC8    93C66C    93C66C@SOIC8
93AA76    93AA76@SOIC8    93AA86    93AA86@SOIC8
93C76    93C76@SOIC8    93C86    93C86@SOIC8
93LC76    93LC76@SOIC8    93LC46    93LC46@SOIC8
93LC56    93LC56@SOIC8    93LC66    93LC66@SOIC8
24AA00    24AA00@SOIC8    24LC00    24LC00@SOIC8
24C00    24C00@SOIC8    24AA01    24AA01@SOIC8
24LC01B    24LC01B@SOIC8    24AA014    24AA014@SOIC8
24C01B    24C01B@SOIC8    24C01C    24C01C@SOIC8
24AA02    24AA02@SOIC8    24LC02B    24LC02B@SOIC8
24AA024    24AA024@SOIC8    24AA025    24AA025@SOIC8
24C02B    24C02B@SOIC8    24C02C    24C02C@SOIC8
24C04A    24C04A@SOIC8    24AA04    24AA04@SOIC8
24LC04B    24LC04B@SOIC8    24AA08    24AA08@SOIC8
24C08B    24C08B@SOIC8    24AA08B    24AA08B@SOIC8
24LC08B    24LC08B@SOIC8    24C16B    24C16B@SOIC8
24AA16    24AA16@SOIC8    24AA164    24AA164@SOIC8
24AA174    24AA174@SOIC8    24LC164    24LC164@SOIC8
24LC174    24LC174@SOIC8    24LC16B    24LC16B@SOIC8
24C32    24C32@SOIC8    24AA32    24AA32@SOIC8
24AA32A    24AA32A@SOIC8    24LC32    24LC32@SOIC8
24LC32A    24LC32A@SOIC8    24C32A    24C32A@SOIC8
24AA64    24AA64@SOIC8    24LC64    24LC64@SOIC8
24FC32    24FC32@SOIC8    24FC65    24FC65@SOIC8
24AA128    24AA128@SOIC8    24LC128    24LC128@SOIC8
24FC128    24FC128@SOIC8    24AA256    24AA256@SOIC8
24LC256    24LC256@SOIC8    24FC256    24FC256@SOIC8
SST89C54    SST89C54@PLCC44    SST89C54@TQFP44    SST89C58
SST89C58@PLCC44    SST89C58@TQFP44    SST89C59    SST89C59@PLCC44
SST89C59@TQFP44    SST89E54RD    SST89E54RD@PLCC44    SST89E54RD@TQFP44
SST89E58RD    SST89E58RD@PLCC44    SST89E58RD@TQFP44    SST89E516RD
SST89E516RD@PLCC44    SST89E516RD@TQFP44    SST89E554RC    SST89E554RC@PLCC44
SST89E554RC@TQFP44    SST89E564RD    SST89E564RD@PLCC44    SST89E564RD@TQFP44
SST89E554A    SST89E554A@PLCC44    SST89E554A@TQFP44    SST89E52RD
ST [Serial EEPROM]
M93C46    M93C46@SOIC8    M93C56    M93C56@SOIC8
M93C66    M93C66@SOIC8    M93C76    M93C76@SOIC8
W78E51    W78E51@PLCC44    W78E51@TQFP44    W78E52
W78E52@PLCC44    W78E52@TQFP44    W78E54    W78E54@PLCC44
W78E54@TQFP44    W78E58    W78E58@PLCC44    W78E58@TQFP44
W78E51B    W78E51B@PLCC44    W78E51B@TQFP44    W78E52B
W78E52B@PLCC44    W78E52B@TQFP44    W78E54B    W78E54B@PLCC44
W78E54B@TQFP44    W78IE51    W78IE51@PLCC44    W78IE51@TQFP44
W78IE52    W78IE52@PLCC44    W78IE52@TQFP44    W78IE54
W78IE54@PLCC44    W78IE54@TQFP44    W78LE51    W78LE51@PLCC44
W78LE51@TQFP44    W78LE52    W78LE52@PLCC44    W78LE52@TQFP44
W78LE54    W78LE54@PLCC44    W78LE54@TQFP44    W78LE54C
W78LE54C@PLCC44    W78LE54C@TQFP44


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