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Camera with infrared JPEG serial TTL-level LS-Y201-TTL-INFRARED

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LS-Y201 is a highly integrated camera module, the images using JPEG compression. Shooting of the image through a simple serial commands control, access module strict production process, capable of general industrial environments, the performance is very reliable and has been widely applied to wireless image transmission, industrial image acquisition, monitoring, monitoring, and civil monitoring. monitoring equipment. Field of application: security systems, image acquisition system, environmental monitoring, industrial field process control, medical equipment, video telephony, electricity distribution network monitoring, hydrological monitoring, oil monitoring system, the city street light monitoring municipal engineering, railway monitoring, GPS location information return, city bus traffic monitoring, highway monitor, mine production monitoring, forest protection monitoring, mapping exploration monitoring, intelligent cell control, logistics management, monitoring, yard management and monitoring, meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, smart instrumentation monitoring, industrial automation, factory monitoring, a variety of alarm systems

The infrared-enabled by the built-in sensors automatically adjust according to the environmental needs.

Sample code


  • VGA/QVGA/160 * 120 resolution adjustment
  •  Support from the serial port for JPEG photos
  • The default baud rate is 38400
  • DC 3.3V or 5V power supply
  •  Size 32mm X 32mm
  • Current range: 80-100mA
  • C03 next to the pin AV output, an analog output interface



  • Environmental monitoring
  •  Industrial monitoring and control
  •  Medical equipment
  • Video Phone
  • Security Systems
  • Car GPS systems

Test method:




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