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LM2596HV 4.5-60v adjustable module

LM2596HV 4.5-60v adjustable module

Mạch giảm áp 3A Input 4.5-60V, Output 3-35V

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 10 Cái

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4065 lượt xem

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1 volume long 40 * W 21.5 * H 13.5mm (including potentiometers).

Input mode: IN + input positive level, IN-input negative
The output manner: OUT + output positive level, OUT-output negative


1, input voltage :4.5-60V

Adjustment method: first the right then the input power supply (4.5-60V) use a multimeter to monitor the output voltage and adjust potentiometer (usually clockwise turn boost, counterclockwise transfer buck)

Output voltage: (3-35V) continuously adjustable (recommended no-load debugging).


The lowest dropout: 1.5V

Output current: rated current 2A, 3A

Output Power: 15W max

Conversion efficiency: up to 92% (the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency)

Static power consumption only 6mA about.

Connection mode: welding, plus pin can be directly soldered to the PCB.

Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 °C to +85 ° C)

Load Regulation: ± 1%

Voltage Regulation: ± 0.5% (refers to the no-load output voltage will be higher, but as long as there is with 1MA upload the output voltage is normal, and does not affect the functionality, ease of use.)

Short circuit protection: current limiting, thermal protection, and can be self-recovery.

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