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700XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1778.00mm, 350 Răng, Rộng 10mm
0 đ/Cái
670XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1701.80mm, 335 Răng, Rộng 10mm
139,000 đ/Cái
630XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1600.20mm, 315 Răng, Rộng 10mm
133,000 đ/Cái
450XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1143.00mm, 225 Răng, Rộng 10mm
97,000 đ/Cái
400XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1016.90mm, 200 Răng, Rộng 10mm
87,000 đ/Cái
390XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 990.60mm, 195 Răng, Rộng 10mm
85,000 đ/Cái
Pin CR1632 Panasonic
Pin lithium Panasonic 3V; 140mAh
55,000 đ/Cái
380XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 965.20mm, 190 Răng, Rộng 10mm
83,000 đ/Cái
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ID Card Reader TG2

ID Card Reader TG2

ID card reader with PIN pad ID

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This section ID card reader, USB interface . Free install the driver , plug and play , reader reaction rate and the number of transfer speed . The shop has a large stock , please do not worry about our customers can not be shipped. If the owner is not, our customers can take their own , the owner will be the first time to help your shipment.
Applies to the following software : Booz , UF, Kingdee, housekeeper , Christensen , Branch vein , Tiger , Budweiser , Yum , like Fang , Jin industry , super win , Friends, UNITA , Hisense, Richland , Mei-Ping , Golden Abacus , Yi hearing , V Xi , said hearing , etc. Medical / supermarkets / Clothes / Shoes / appliances / food / Hardware / POS inventory management software ; logistics management, fixed asset management software.
ID card reader is a stable , practical, high-performance card reader 125KHz frequency , is widely used in Internet cafes, membership management , membership of consumption , membership attendance, access control , property management , authentication and other places. 

■ Features
Card Type : ID card (EM card ) μEM4100 or its compatible RFID card
Data Format : The card serial number of four-byte hexadecimal to ten decimal form , enter the end ( other formats , please call to discuss )
Operating frequency : 125HKz
Communication Format : 9600BPS 8, N, 1
13cm (20cm) ">Read Range :> 13cm ( long distance thick card up to 20cm)
Reader Time : <100ms
Output Interface: ( ESD standard serial interface protocols (RS232) ASC Ⅱ Encoding header ( or extended keyboard codes ) )
■ Technical Specifications
Ambient temperature : -10 ℃ -40 ℃
Power supply : DC-5V USB power supply or keyboard port
Relative Humidity : 15% ~ 85% RH
Maximum power consumption : 100mW
Reading distance :0-20cm
Dimensions: Length -110mm width -75mm height -25mm
Weight : 200g
1 . Plug and Play standard PC USB keyboard interface mode without loading any drivers , windows system will automatically be treated as human input devices.
2 . Provided by the computer USB port and stable power supply , no external power supply , and built-in power protection.
3 . An LED indicator and a buzzer, the buzzer sounds when the credit card , the light flashed .
4 . Support μEM4001, TK4100 RFID card or compatible frequencies : 125kHz, sensing distance of 80mm-150mm.
5. Output data for the lower four -byte sequence number conversion card within ten decimal digits , and enter the end .
6. Power consumption <0.2W, low power consumption makes zero failures .
7 . Support Windows95/98/2000/XP.
8. Currently popular reader shape, ( dimensions: length × width × height ) 10.8cm × 7.8cm × 2.8cm.
Reader Installation
Connect the USB cable , card reader sounds twice , the green light flashes twice , indicating a successful installation

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