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Cảm biến độ ẩm, Digital Humidity Sensor Module, Accuracy: 3 %RH

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Nhà sản xuất: Hoperf

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HH10D is a humidity sensor system comprised with a capacitive type humidity sensor together with a C-F converter interface chip.

The HH10D relative humidity sensor module is comprised with a capacitive type humidity sensor, a CMOS capacitor to frequency converter and an EEPROM used to holding the calibration factors. Due to the characteristics of capacitor type humidity sensor, the system can respond to humidity change very fast. Each sensor is calibrated twice at two different accurate humidity chambers, two unique sensor related coefficients are stored onto the EEPROM on the module. The data is used for humidity calculation.


- Relative humidity sensor
- Two point calibrated with capacitor type sensor, excellent performance
- Frequency output type, can be easily integrated with user application system
- Very low power consumption
- No extra components needed


  • Humidity control systems
  • Wine storage case
  • Hygro meter
  • White goods


Sensor Performance Specification
Parameters Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Resolution   0.3 0.08 0.05 %
Accuracy     3   %
Repeatability   -0.3   0.3 %
Uncertainty     2   %
Range   0   99 %
Response Time     8   S
Hysteris     1   %
Long Term Stability   -0.5   0.5 %
Interchangeability   Fully Interchangeable
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