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GSM GPRS GPS SIM908 module

GSM GPRS GPS SIM908 module

Module sim908 GSM | GPRS | GPS | SMS, hỗ trợ SMT32

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Nhà sản xuất: Simcom

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Two power input interface: A DC005 interface, a lithium battery interface.


1.    The range of DC005 voltage input is 5 - 26V, when use the 5V power as the power, be sure that the power supply can provide 2A current.

2.    The range of voltage of Lithium battery input power is 3.5 - 4.2V. The new version of the lithium battery interface location may be changed.

Switch: a 3 road section wave switch, we use it to open / close the input power supply for the module. When in use, please confirm the toggle switch to the OPEN state (near the board inside).

SMA antenna interface: there is a GSM antenna interface, and a GPS antenna interface onboard.

Start button: after power on, a LED (PWR) will light up when the board is energized. After a long press on this button, the other three LED will be light, a LED start flashing, and SIM908 is now beginning to work.When the power supply, antenna, SIM card are connected to the module correctly, the LED will flash by boot flash (1S bright 1S out) into slow flash (3S de 1S light), the module is now registered to the network.

TTL serial interface can be achieved: a GPRS TTL level interface, a GPS TTL level interface.

Notice that: VCC_MCU is used to control the TTL board level interface, so as to realize the matching between 1.25V/3.3V /5V systems.

For example: when the board is connected to the 51 MCU, VCC_MCU is needed to connected the DC 5V. and connecter to the sm32 MCU,VCC_MCU is needed to connected to the DC3.3V.

In the application of GPS function, we can send AT+CGPSINF=* (* represent specific figures, please see the AT instruction set) command to get the longitude and latitude information through the GPRS TTL interface level, we also can obtain NEMA data through the GPS TTL level interface, so as to obtain the information of latitude and longitude.

Notice that: the SIM908 module is turned off GPS function by default. When we use the GPS function, please send two AT commands to open the GPS function, and the commands are AT+CGPSPWR=1 and AT+CGPSRST=1 respectively, two instructions are used to powered GPS and reset GPS. And then, the GPS TTL level interface will send data out, and the baud rate is 115200 by default (we can send the AT command to change).



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