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Genius G540

Genius G540

G540 USB Universal Programmer PIC, 51, AVR

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Genius G540 universal programmer
weight:0.55KG(with the packing)

Genius G540 is one of the programmer that Independent research and development by Shenzhen stager Electronic Co., Ltd.
G540 programmer make erase, blank check, programming, comparison and encryption functions as one key programming in order to improve the efficiency of users.We can also change the default set of one key programming for different IC programming,choosing the steps we need.

View if G540 programmer supports the ic you want to programming. Click here to download G540 Device List.

40 pins Locking Socket.
Powered by USB2.0.Without external power supply.
The software is compatible with the Windows2K/XP/Vista.
Pin contacting detection:in the cases of poor conect between the IC and the sockt or error place, the informations will be detected and the operation will be broken.
Perfect defenses. That both avoid effectively to damage user's device and protect itself.

Standard package contains the following:
A programmer module
A USB connecting cable
The installation software CD
User's Guide
A warranty card

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