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700XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1778.00mm, 350 Răng, Rộng 10mm
0 đ/Cái
670XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1701.80mm, 335 Răng, Rộng 10mm
139,000 đ/Cái
630XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1600.20mm, 315 Răng, Rộng 10mm
133,000 đ/Cái
450XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1143.00mm, 225 Răng, Rộng 10mm
97,000 đ/Cái
400XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 1016.90mm, 200 Răng, Rộng 10mm
87,000 đ/Cái
390XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 990.60mm, 195 Răng, Rộng 10mm
85,000 đ/Cái
Pin CR1632 Panasonic
Pin lithium Panasonic 3V; 140mAh
55,000 đ/Cái
380XL Dây Đai
Loại: XL, Pitch: 5.08, Chu vi: 965.20mm, 190 Răng, Rộng 10mm
83,000 đ/Cái
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FT232RL module Arduino

FT232RL module Arduino

USB to TTL module supports 3.3V 5V FT232RL Arduino download cable dedicated mini Interface

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Driver Download:


FT232RL USB to serial module Arduino USB to TTL level

Brush USB-RS232-TTL lines king !

USB2TTL version overcurrent protection version ! ! Specials ! !

The best FT232RL chip with USB2.0 , USB power supply uses 500MA fuse (FUSE) USB power and protect your device ! More stable performance ! !

This product uses a new design , using USB2.0 best FT232RL chip converts the USB port . Has two power versions.

Each module in the factory using spontaneous admission 10W -byte test ! !

PCB board size : 17mm multiplied by 32.5mm

Introduction: FT232R
With the development of computer technology, parallel and serial ports on your PC slowly disappeared, and now even the parallel port of the desktop are rare . But for engineers , parallel and serial interfaces are essential , especially serial port. For no serial computer , the most convenient solution is to use a USB to serial chip to virtual serial port out , many manufacturers have produced such a chip , such as silicon LABS of CP210x series , TI 's TUSB3410, Nanjing Heng Qin CH34x series, FTDI 's FT232 series , Prolific 's PL230x series , Echo 's ARK3116 so . From the stability point of view, is still the most reliable FT232 series , you can use the debugger it to ease the situation without worrying about the blue screen appears.
FT232R chip is a single-chip solution , generally does not require the use of basic peripherals , and even crystal , USB matching resistor placed EEPROM product information have been integrated within it. FT232R some of the more useful features, details can be found in FT232R data sheet .

Introduction: hardware
· Using FTDI's FT232RL chip;
· FT232RL chip lead all the signal port, TTL / CMOS level;
· RXD / TXD transceiver communication indicator;
· USB powered, optional 5V or 3.3V Interface level (if other levels, target voltage can be provided directly on the VCC and GND pins).

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