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FM module TEA5767

FM module TEA5767

76—108MHZ, ARDUINO, 5V, Size 31 X 30 MM

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Còn: 3 Cái

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TEA5767 ARDUINO radio module radio module
Frequency range from 76-108MHZ automatic digital tuning. High sensitivity, high stability, low noise, radio module.
A low-power FM stereo radio tuner electrical circuit, which has an integral frequency selection and demodulation network,
You can be completely free transfer.

High sensitivity (low-noise RF input amplifier)
Frequency range from 76-108MHZ
High-level AGC (AGC) circuit
LC oscillator with low-cost fixed chip tuning
Select in-house FM IF, IF free transfer
Phase-locked loop tuning system
Soft mute, stereo noise cancellation (SNC), high cutting (HCC) through the bus off 

Power: 5V
Board Size: 31 X 30 MM
With reverse power protection diode
Board with a power output filter inductor
A plurality of filter capacitor combination
Blue Power indicator
It can directly plug an antenna port
I2C bus communication
Philips company dedicated chip module TEA5767 FM FM
Company board uses Philips headphone amplifier chip TDA1308 audio amplifier as
Onboard 3.5MM audio interface can be directly connected to the headphone amplifier and so on.
Just connect the power and ground communications microcontroller and two I2C communication lines can be.

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