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Plato-107 Kìm Cắt
Kìm cắt dây, chân linh kiện 0.1mm, gọn nhẹ, độ cứng cao
0 đ/Cái
Dây bus 6-Pin 1 đầu Female, pitch 1.5mm, dài 15cm
6,000 đ/Cái
KCD3-BIAN Công Tắc
3 Chân DPST Công Tắc Rocker 15A/20A 250V/125VAC
10,000 đ/Cái
DS-228 Nút Nhấn Giữ
Nút Nhấn Giữ, 2 chân, 12mm, 3A/125VAC 1.5A/250VAC
4,000 đ/Cái
PBS-110 Nút Nhấn Nhả
Nút Nhấn Nhả, 7mm, 2 chân, 250VAC/1A,125VAC/3A
4,000 đ/Cái
SPST-3P Công Tắc
20A 12V, 16A 12V 3 Chân, Có Đèn Led
4,000 đ/Cái
0805 120uH Cuộn Cảm
0805 120uH Cuộn Cảm, 5%
2,000 đ/Gói(5pcs)
0805 10nH Cuộn Cảm
0805 10nH Cuộn Cảm, 5%
2,000 đ/Gói(5pcs)
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Finger cots

Finger cots

Bộ bao ngón tay bằng cao su chống tĩnh điện, gói 500gram

Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

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Product Name: White powder-free finger cots

Size: M No.

Also known as conductive finger to avoid skin allergies, prevent pollution to the fingertips of perspiration elements conducive to finger fingertip slim flexible operation, and the operator can safely put diarrhea electrostatic charge carried by the human body; applicable to the semiconductor industry, optical industry, etc. work wear.

Specifications: 500g / bag 20 bags / box (a pack 800-1000 or so)

Color: White

Packing: sealed vacuum packaging

Goods made: white anti-static dust-finger is made from pure natural latex mixed with anti-static material made.

Product Features: Hand protection when operating equipment to prevent abuse of toxic substances being worn fingertips, the operator can avoid direct contact with static-sensitive components, and the operator can safely put diarrhea electrostatic charge carried by the body to prevent the staff to operate due to hand sweat , dust pollution caused by the product but also to avoid scratches on the product fingernails! In addition, anti-static finger beige purification using Malaysia cleaning technology can be absolutely no dust. And anti-static exponentially stable.

Use description:


Used in microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductor assembly. Precision components and biological pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dust-free clean rooms, electronics assembly,100-1000 net dust and other industries preferred

Home use:

  1 point banknote, the hand does not slip, good numbers, but not dirty hands.

  2 Take discs, beads, etc., without leaving fingerprints and perspiration stains.

  3 When done manually worn on the hand, to prevent wear and tear.

  4 When packaging items in plastic bags, the bag can not easily be opened, put finger, it is easy to solve.

  5 When using chalk to write on the blackboard in the thumb, index finger, middle finger to wear to prevent chalk mill hand, is ideal for teachers to use.


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