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Đồng hồ đo đa năng, AC Voltage 200mV-750V, AC Current 20mA-20A

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92 Series Digital Multimeter is an easy operation . Accurate readings . Functional. Compact . Easy to carry. Handheld pocket using battery power to make the big -screen LCD digital multimeter , for engineering design . Lab . Production test. Workshop Affairs . field operations and industrial maintenance applications.
The multimeter has the following main features:
CMOS integrated circuits. Double integral principle A / D conversion, automatic calibration, automatic polarity selection , over-range indication.
There beep sound when the embankment is shown through a short test line
EXCEL 's new production of DT9205A digital multimeter, the appearance of new , more in line with international safety standards. Adds automatic shutdown function , beep beep Japan configured to meet international standards of test leads .
This multimeter has the following characteristics :
   ▲ CMOS integrated circuits, the principle of double integral A / D conversion, automatic calibration, automatic polarity selection , over-range indication.
   ▲ LCD screen with high contrast 70 × 40 -mm screen , word up to 25 mm . The desired position by observing the display screen can be visual angle of about 70 °, to obtain the best results observed .
   ▲ with automatic shutdown function , about 25 minutes after power is automatically cut off the power to prevent the meter off the power after use to forget . Repeat the power switch to operate, to continue the boot .
   ▲ The new optimized design of highly reliable range / function rotary switch structure. 32- stalls, more effectively prevent misuse. Attention to maintenance

Functions and features range accuracy
   DC Voltage 200mV-1000V ± (0.5% +1)
   AC Voltage 200mV-750V ± (0.8% +3)
   DC Current 2mA-20A ± (0.8% +1)
   AC Current 20mA-20A ± (1% +3)
   Resistance 200Ω-2MΩ ± (0.8% +3)
   Resistance 20MΩ ± (1.0% +25)
   2nF-200μF capacitor
   Crystal diode tests
   Diode test
   Automatic shutdown is
   Power 9V, 6F22
   Maximum Display 1999

The number given is the Ministry of sophisticated electronic instruments multimeter , it should not alter the internal circuitry to prevent damage.
1, do not receive higher than 1000V DC or 750V rms ac voltage up above .
2 Do not mistakenly pick -scale external circuit to avoid damage .
3 , Do not use the meter cover is not a good time .
4 , replace the battery and fuse must be set aside in the pen and turn off the power to carry out . Unscrew the cover screws, a little off the back cover and gently push forward while the back cover , so the cover off the hook after the meter surface shell ie remove the back cover . Press the cover note description specifications to replace the battery and fuse.

Parts list is as follows :

Multimeter leads one pair warranty card manual 9v battery ( the distribution )

Dimensions : 185 × 90 × 35mm

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