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ESP8266 Blackboard T5 Wifi KIT

ESP8266 Blackboard T5 Wifi KIT

802.11b/n/g, MCU, UART/GPIO, STA/AP/STA+AP, size 61.6mm x 56.2mm

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Nhà sản xuất: AI-THINKER

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It supports 802.11b / n / g wireless standards

   MCU platform developed

   Support UART / GPIO data communication interface

   Support STA / AP / STA + AP coexistence mode

   SmartLink intelligent networking support (provided APP)

   Wireless upgrade firmware

   WPS support networked configuration

   Built-board antenna

   Temperature and humidity sensor

   RGB three-color light adjustable

   AT command set provides a rich configuration

   Cloud services are available free of AiCloud debugging

   3 AA batteries / 5V power supply adapter

   Dimensions: 61.6mm x 56.2mm

   It has GPIO, PWM, I2C, 1-Wire, ADC and other functions, combined with cloud firmware for your prototyping provides the fastest speed

   Only need to know a few simple AT commands, you can use single-chip network communication, develop fast. It can save a lot of time costs, accelerate product on-line, to get first-mover advantage

   Protocol code needed to access the cloud, has been included in the module, an instruction to get offers for calls in the SDK API



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