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Encoder Motor AB-2P

Encoder Motor AB-2P

AB two-phase incremental optical rotary encoders, 360, 400, 600 pulses

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AB two-phase incremental optical rotary encoders, 360 pulse, 400 pulses, 600 pulses a lot of cash, including NPN open collector output and voltage output two output modes.

Standard with 1.5 m cable, users need to be extended if negotiations to store. Please note how many pulses and output time of purchase. (Automatic photographed, shop default is 400 shipments NPN open collector pulse output)

Model: 400,600,360P / R incremental rotary encoder, AB two phases. A B 90 ° phase by phase to produce phase between the positive and negative directions can be done to identify and down counting pulses. 

Performance: 400,360,600 pulses / rev. Operating voltage: DC5-24V, the maximum mechanical speed 5000 rev / min, the electrical frequency response 20K / sec, the integrated speed 2000 rev / min. Size: The encoder body size: φ38mm; shaft φ6 × 13mm; axis platforms: High 5mm, φ20mm; fixing holes: M3 screws, three mounting holes on the circle 30 and the other three mounting holes on the 28 round ; side qualify.

Wiring: Green = A phase, white = B phase, red = Vcc positive power supply, black = V0 to please the wiring as described above. Another metal shielding layer interference.

Output: AB two-phase quadrature output rectangular pulse, the circuit output is NPN open collector output type, this type can be output with internal pull-up resistor is directly connected microcontroller or PLC, such as 51 or microcontroller Mitsubishi PLC (PLC's input should play a role switch connected to 0V), Note: If the encoder is not connected to the device can not be directly oscilloscope oscilloscope (open collector output when there is no pull-up resistor, there is no voltage output) To oscilloscope please plus two pull-up resistor AB two-phase output;

Uses: used to measure the rotation speed of the object, angle, acceleration and length measurements.

Use: suitable for intelligent control of various displacement measurement, automatic fixed-length leather automatic guillotine machines, steel cut length control, civil measured height human scale, Students racing robots.

Features: small size, light weight, ease of installation, high cost of significant advantages.

Note: A phase and B-phase output line must not be directly connected to VCC, otherwise, they will burn the output triode.

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