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ESP-WROOM-32 Đế Ra Chân
Đế Ra Chân Dùng Cho ESP-WROOM-32
0 đ/Cái
ESP-WROOM-32 Mạch Thu Phát Wifi
IoT BLE Module, 2.2-3.6VDC, 90mA
135,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 7.0 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 800x480 7.0" 4.75-7V
1,350,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 3.2 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 400x240 3.2" 4.75-7V
420,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 2.4 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 320x240 2.4" 4.75-7V
320,000 đ/Cái
2.4-SZYTF TFT LCD Shield Arduino
2.4-inch LCD Module cảm ứng điện trở dùng cho Arduino UNO R3
125,000 đ/Cái
T30-H3-P05 Bánh Răng Lỗ 6mm
30 răng, lỗ 6mm, bước răng 0.5, cao 10mm, M3 screw
23,000 đ/Cái
Còn: 20 Cái
T30-H3-P05 Bánh Răng Lỗ 5mm
30 răng, lỗ 5mm, bước răng 0.5, cao 10mm, M3 screw
23,000 đ/Cái
Còn: 20 Cái
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Encoder module 100 pulses

Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 23 Cái ROHS

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Technical parameters:

Lines: 100 lines
Outer diameter: 22mm
The hole diameter: 3.5mm
Thickness: 0.3 mm
Material: Alloy steel
Production process: laser cutting processing
Installation: Installed with the seller to send the column can be fixed. 

Speed on the tube Technical parameters:
On the tube manufacturers: the United States HP HP original
Supply voltage: 5V (3.3V also available)
Connection: Red 5V Black GND
Output signal: 5Vp-p two-phase signal output (see below).

Two signal lines, a yellow one blue (due to the production of different batches, sometimes the signal line may be green, does not affect the use), yellow and blue are two TTL level (can be directly connected to the microcontroller ) Signal (Note: positive and negative rotation is measured by the two-level distinction is forward or reverse)

(A B is a signal line)
A first pulse, that is forward
B first pulse, that is reversed

IMPORTANT: No output is blocked or blocked for a long time. As the phase detection, waveform output will only occur on the rising and falling edges of the shot. Therefore, the rotary encoder or the opaque object will be switched back and forth. Wave output, high-speed state, similar to the sine wave or sawtooth wave, the multimeter has been tested for about 0.1V, is invalid! Test with an oscilloscope or microcontroller acquisition port


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