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2.2uF 10V 0603 Cap
2.2uF 10% 10V CERM CHIP 0603 SMD CAP
0 đ/Cái
DIN-5P-FM Đầu Jack Tròn Cái
Đầu jack MD5 5 chân cái
15,000 đ/Cái
DIN-5P-M Đầu Jack Tròn Đực
Đầu jack MD5 5 chân đực
15,000 đ/Cái
DIN-6P-FM Đầu Jack Tròn Cái
Đầu jack MD6 6 chân cái
15,000 đ/Cái
DIN-6P-M Đầu Jack Tròn Đực
Đầu jack MD6 6 chân đực
15,000 đ/Cái
Trụ Đỡ Cái-Cái, Ø=4mm, L=20mm
2,000 đ/Cái
Còn: 1500 Cái
Switching Voltage Regulators 1A SD VTG Reg
7,000 đ/Cái
Còn: 140 Cái
DIN-8P-FM Đầu Jack Tròn Cái
Đầu jack MD8 8 chân cái
16,000 đ/Cái
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EasyDriver A3967 Module

EasyDriver A3967 Module

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967 stepper motor driver board

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Còn: 12 Cái

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Distribution pin , not welded , this module is open source, no information provided , nor for technical support.

Website source link https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10267

There stepper motor step angle is usually defined number of steps or parameters , general motors are divided into 200 steps of a turn , which is the step angle of 1.8 degrees , EasyDriver with step breakdown of features, this driver board subdivision 8 segments, that is, every step of the motor is subdivided into eight small step , this can be able to get more precise control , that EasyDriver 1600 steps needed to complete a full 360 degree rotation.

ms1 and ms2 Stepping Motor resolution is selected logic input ;
dir is to choose the direction of the motor mouth ;
reset chip used to reset the initial value , block all external output ;
step pulse input port ;
out1a, out1b, out2a, out2b h bridge two pairs of output ports ;
enable To enable end ;
sleep the sleep mode ;
sense1, sense2 for the h -bridge current sense resistor ;
ref is the reference voltage ;
gnd logic ground and power ground ;

rc1, rc2 h bridge fixed deadline for the analog input .
a3967slb produced in the United States allegro pwm current control micro-step drive two -phase stepper motor dedicated drive . Its working voltage up to 30v, the drive current of 750ma, a a3967slb to drive a two -phase stepper motor drive can achieve 8 segments . The chip pwm current control circuit can be added to the pfd voltage is set to slow, fast , three mixed current-decay mode, if the voltage is higher than pfd end 0.6vdd, slow decay mode is selected . If less than 0.21vdd, then select the fast decay mode . Is mixed between the two decay modes. In addition , a3967slb also provide comprehensive protection measures, including transient voltage suppression , overheat protection against current through, under-voltage self-locking function.
No additional between a3967slb other interface circuits and a microprocessor , the chip taken easystepper
Interface, 8 reducing the two control lines ( step and direction ) , simply enter stepper motor control pulse , its embedded converter can be achieved on the stepper motor control .
easydriver stepper motor driver

Description : The easydriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver , anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse compatible ( or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed easydriver). easydriver need any power supply voltage motors, stepper motor power 7V to 30V . The easydriver digital interface board with a voltage regulator , and can be set to 5V or 3.3V. Connect a four-wire stepper motor and a microcontroller and you have a precision motor control ! easydriver drive bipolar motors , and motor connections as bipolar . That is 4,6 , or 8 wire stepper motors. In this version (v4.4) we fixed the silk error min / max adjustment .

This is easydriverV4 designed withbrianSchmalz latest version. It provides greater flexibility and control over your stepper motor, compared to the old version. Micro- step selection (MS1, MS2) of the stepping motor allows adjustment of the pin is a stepping resolution. Sleep helps pin also broke out further control.cjmcu.

Note : Do not connect or disconnect the motor drive . This will cause permanent damage to the stepper motor circuit .

Note: This product is a collaboration with Brian Scholz . Part of every sale back to their product support and continued development .


Stepper motor drives subdivision

MS1, MS2 pin outbreak changed the whole segment resolution and a half, quarter and eighth steps ( defaults to eighth )

4,6 -compatible , 8-wire stepper motor voltage

From 150mA / phase 750mA / phase adjustable current control

Power supply range from 7V to 30V. The higher the voltage , the higher the high speed torque

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