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DS3231 Real Time Clock Module

DS3231 Real Time Clock Module

AT24C32, 3.3--5.5V, Real Time Clock Module Arduino

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DS3231 is a low-cost, high-precision I2C real-time clock (RTC), with an integrated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal. The device incorporates a battery input, maintains accurate timekeeping when main power is disconnected. Integrated oscillator improves long-term accuracy of the device and reduces the number of components production line. DS3231 is available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, using a 16-pin 300mil SO package.
    RTC maintains seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. Less than 31 days of the month, will automatically adjust the end date, including corrections for leap year. Clock work format can be 24 hours or 12 hours format with / AM / PM indication. Two calendar and alarm clock can be set to a square wave output can be set. Address and data are transferred serially through an I2C bidirectional bus.
    A precision temperature-compensated voltage reference and comparator circuit monitors the VCC status, detect power failures, provide a reset output, and automatically switches to the backup power supply when necessary. In addition, / RST pin is monitored as produce μP reset input manually.
In addition to high timing accuracy beyond, DS3231 also has some other features that extend the system host of additional features and options. The internal device integrates a very precise digital temperature sensor, through the I2C * interface to access it (as the same time). This temperature sensor accuracy is ± 3 ° C. Power switching control circuit can be realized on-chip power supply automatically detects and manages the main power and backup power (ie low battery) between. If the main power failure, the device can continue to provide accurate timing and temperature, performance is not affected. When the main power re-power or voltage value returns to within the permissible range, the on-chip reset function can be used to restart the system microprocessor.

Module Parameters:
1 Size: 38mm (length) * 22mm (W) * 14mm (H)
2 Weight: 8g
3 Operating voltage: 3.3--5.5V
4 clock chip: high-precision clock chip DS3231
5 clock accuracy: within the range of 0-40 ℃, the accuracy of 2ppm, about 1 minute in error
6 with two calendar alarm clock
7 programmable square-wave output
8 Real-time clock generation seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month and year timing and provide valid until 2100 Leap Year Compensation
9.-chip temperature sensor comes with an accuracy of ± 3 ℃
10. memory chips: AT24C32 (storage capacity of 32K)
11.IIC bus interface, the maximum transmission speed of 400KHz (working voltage of 5V)
12 other IIC devices can be cascaded, 24C32 address can be modified by a short circuit A0 / A1 / A2, the default address is 0x57
13 with rechargeable battery LIR2032, to ensure the system after power failure, the clock of any course of normal walking
14 Packaging: single anti-static packaging
Wiring instructions (with Arduino uno r3 example):
SCL → A5
SDA → A4
VCC → 5V
Shipping list:
1.DS3231 module one (has been tested, and anti-static packaging)

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