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UART serial to Zigbee wireless module, SMD package CC2530 module

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Main features: serial port (UART) turn Zigbee wireless data transparent transmission

(DRF605, DRF1605H software is compatible and can be used together)

Transmission distance of 1600 meters (the IPEX external 2dBm antenna)

Transmission distance of 400 meters (using the patch antenna, this link to the default configuration of the patch antenna)

(Module factory default settings for the router, the user can is switched to Coordiantor)

The main features of the Zigbee module:

Network: all modules on that network automatically, network modules such as power-down, network with self-healing capabilities
Data Transfer: data communication between any nodes through the serial port to:
1, transparent data transmission: Coordinator from the serial data received is automatically distributed to all nodes; a node in the data received from the serial port will be automatically sent to the Coordinator;
2, command mode, any node data transmission: data transmission format: 0xFD (data transfer command) + 0x0A (data length) + (destination address) 0x73 0x79 + 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08 0x09 0x10 (data 0x0A Bytes).
Easy to use: users do not consider the ZigBee protocol, like using the serial cable using a wireless module

DRF1607H MCU easily connect, full support for 51,ARM, x86, MIPS .... kernel MCU, as long as the MCU serial port can be:


Packet include:

1x Zigbee wireless module

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