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DRF1605H V4 Zigbee Module

DRF1605H V4 Zigbee Module

Zigbee Module 1.6km, CC2530 Wireless Module UART to Zigbee, 2.4GHz

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Chú ý: Sản phẩm sử dụng chung Hardware nhưng khác firmware, Do đó, chức năng cũng sẽ khác nhau. Nếu sử dụng như Zigbee sẽ không sử dụng được Wireless Uart và ngược lại.


1, NetWork creation automatically: after power on, the Zigbee network can create  automatically and the net can repair by itself.
2, Data transmitter simply: the are two different methods to send data, first is  clarity transceive, second is point to point.
3, Simply used: customer can use it as UART cable and ignore ZigBee protocol.
4, UART Interface (TX & RX) to Zigbee
5, Built-in RS485 direction control
6, High power module,the distance can reach 1600M
7, Customer can use it with ZigBee USB mother board as follow


Electronic Parameters: 
Input voltage Standard : DC3.3V   Range: DC 2.6-3.6V 
Temperature range: -40C~85C

Serial port rate: 38400bps(Default),  9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps 
Radio frequency: 2.4G(2460MHz),  Can changed(2405MHz - 2480MHz,Step:5MHz) 
Wireless protocol:  Zigbee2007 
Distance  Visual distance: 1600  Meters 
Working current  Sending: 110mA(Max)  50mA(Average)   Receiving:35mA(Max)  Standby: 40MA(Max) 
Users can customize the low-power module (standard module does not have this 
Receiver sensitivity: -110  dBm 
Chip:  CC2530F256,256KFLASH   
Configurable Point:  Can be configured as Coordinator,Router 
Default:Router,PAN ID=0x199B,Radio Channel=22(2460MHz) 
Interface  UART 3.3V (TX & RX) 
Built-in RS485 direction control, RS485 chip can directly drive 
    RS232 chip can directly drive 
    Direct USB to RS232 chip driver 
Mechanical parameters:

(Top View,Uint:mm) 

Internal Structure and the Pin:  (Top  View ) 


 DRF1605H-2 min.JPG
Connections :
DRF1605H fully compatible with DRF1605 pin, can be connected to  USB baseboard, RS485 

baseboard. Customers needn't to change any design, can be used directly DRF1605H  replace 

Zigbee Module's Network 
Zigbee network node has three network forms: Coordinator, Router, End Device. 
Coordinator: used to  create a Zigbee network, when a node joins, the assigned 
address to the child node, Coordinator usually defined as a device does not  power down, no 
low-power state for the module DRF1601, DRF1602, DRF1605. Each Zigbee network 
needs and only needs a Coordinator, different networks PAN ID (network ID)  should not, if 
there is room for two in the same Coordinator, PAN ID if they are the same as  the original, 
and the latter on the power of the Coordinator of PAN ID will automatically add  one to avoid 
PAN ID conflict. 

Router: responsible  for forwarding data packets to find the most suitable routing path, 
when a node is added, the node can assign an address; Router is usually defined  as a 
power supply device, not a low power state for the module DRF1601, DRF1602,  DRF1605. 
Each Zigbee network may require more than one Router, Router can each send and  receive 
data can also forward data when a network all by the Coordinator (1 unit) and  Router (more) 
form, this network is the real MESH network (network like network), each node  sends all the 
data is automatically routed to reach the target node. 

When a ZigBee network formation (MESH  network): 

Router to obtain the address (Short Address) is constant, can be used as point  to point data 
transmission using the address; 
Even if power-down Coordinator, Router still maintaining the network, so between  the Router 
and the Router is still able to communicate; 
Coordinator power-down even when there are new nodes added, still able to get  through the 
existing Router address, join the network; 
Router is usually referred to as FFD (Full Function Device) (all-nodes)  

Network nodes: 
1 Coordinator + n Router,    supports a total of 9331 nodes: 
Zigbee MESH (mesh) is characterized by 
1, the network consists of a Coordinator + n Router 
2, each node both send and receive data, can also act as a router, forwarding  data 
3, the network can be any communication between nodes, even if all other nodes  off (including 
the Coordinator), these two nodes can communicate 
4, each node within the network (Coordinator, Router) are maintained with the  network function, 
as long as one node is running, the new node can join the network by this node 
5, node joins, the automatic distribution of the Zigbee network address, and  keep the same 
6, route calculation is automatic forwarding of data does not depend so join the  network node 
through which  

Zigbee network networking and network testing 
Basic concepts: 
Zigbee module has two types of nodes, namely Coordinator (master) and  Router (from node) 

Each Zigbee network consists of a Coordinator (master) and N-Router (from  node)   
With a Zigbee network, all nodes must have the same channel and PAN ID (network  ID) 
Module factory default configuration: 
Module factory all of the node type Router (from node), PAN ID = 0x199B,  channels = 22 
First use process: 
1. Choose one module and change it to Coordinator (using the configuration  software), than 
restart it 
2. Change the Coordinator's PAN ID to your set of values (such as 0x1234)  (range: 0x0001 - 
0xFF00), mainly to prevent conflicts with the default values (default is  0x199B), than power 
off it. 
3. Change the Router's PAN ID to the same value (just look for the network with  the same PAN 
ID) (or to 0xFFFF, automatically search for any network), than power off it. 
4. Turn on the Coordinator first (a long bright light, a light flash) 
5. Than open the other Router's power supply (two lights flash), about 3  seconds, can 
automatically join the network (two long bright light) 
Change the network: 
1, if you want the Router to join a new network, change the Router's  PAN ID to new (same as Coordinator or 

0xFFFF), then restart it, it can join new network automatically. 
2, Do not try to be a Coordinator to join an existing network, even if you can  join the network is not strong, 
Coordinator may withdraw from power-down after reboot network; 
3, when a network is running properly, do not try to re-set the Coordinator's  PAN ID, even if the same PAN ID,  
because the Coordinator after the restart, scan to the same PAN ID of the  network, its PAN ID will 
automatically +1 to avoid PAN ID conflict. 
In order to visualize the process of  ZigBee network building, DRF1601/1602/DRF1605/DRF1605H set 
compatible with TI's Sensor Monitor software, through TI's Sensor Monitor  software to monitor and 
test the module's network connection. 

(1), Take a Coordinator connect to PC through the serial port, open the Sensor  Monitor Software and click the 
RUN icon QQ.jpg to  run, then you can see that the icon turns red Coordinator, said the Coordinator  and the PC 
successful connection. (Note: TI Sensor Monitor software only supports serial  baud rate of 38400) 
(2), Take a Router module and power on, click the TEST button, this time, Router  module sends an test data 
to Coordinator, Coordinator will send the data via the serial port to the PC,  and TI Sensor Monitor software will 
display this Router point, as shown: 
(DRF1605 / DRF1605H the TEST button is J2- Pin3 (SW1), short it with grand) 

(3) Similarly, take others Router module power on, they will automatically find  and join the network, press the 
TEST button, after the network is structured as follows: 
(4), Coordinator can directly assign six Router's address, after it, other  Routers can join network through the  
fist 6 points, each of Router can assign 6 address to other Routers and allow  them to join network. 

DRF1600-N93-15(Address:50  F8)  
These Routers which assigned address by front Routers, not affect by the front  Routers, don't care them is in 
power on or power off, all Router can calculate data path automatically. 
Zigbee Modules Data Transmission 
There are two method to send data: 

(1), transparent data transmission: 
Just need the first byte is not transmitted 0xFE, 0xFD or 0xFC, then  automatically enter transparent data 
transmission mode; 
Coordinator from the serial data received will be sent automatically to all  nodes; 
A node receives the data from the serial port will be automatically sent to the  Coordinator; 
(2), point to point data transmission: 
Zigbee network between nodes within any, can be point to point transfer  instructions, to transmit data; 
Format: 0xFD + destination address + data length + data 
1, transparent data transmission: (Are  the most important functions for DRF1600 series Zigbee 
(1), if the first byte is not 0xFE, 0xFD or 0xFC, then automatically enter  transparent data transmission mode; 
(Extension: the packet header and not the same as instruction set, also as a  transparent data transmission, 
but suggested that when the user using data transparent transmission function,  the first byte of data packets 
set a non 0xFE, 0xFD, or 0xFC, such as 0xA7) 
(2), Coordinator of the data received from the serial port will be automatically  sent to all nodes;  a node 
receives the data from the serial port will be automatically sent to the  Coordinator; 
(3), between any node and Coordinator, similar to the cable connected directly  (in most cases, a Coordinator 
and a Router can instead of a RS232 cable directly; 
(4), to support variable-length packets (without setting), the maximum does not  exceed 256 bytes / packet, the 
packet is generally recommended that each application within 32 bytes. 
Transparent data transmission performance: 
With the increase of the distance between modules, the transfer rate will be  reduced 
  Coordinator sends to Router is broadcast, transmit rate will be slower 
  General application, recommended that each packet of 32 bytes each transfer  interval 200-300ms 
2, point to point data transmission: 

Send Format: 
Data transfer instructions (0xFD) + data length + destination address +  data(up to 32 Bytes) 

FD 0A 14  3E 01  02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 
FD:Data transfer instructions 
0A:Data Length,10 Bytes 
14 3E:Destination Address 
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10:Data 
Receive data format: 
Receive all the data that from the sender, and add two bytes at the  last for source address 

FD 0A 14  3E 01  02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 50  F5 
FD:Data transfer instructions 
0A:Data Length,10 Bytes 
14 3E:Destination Address for sender and the self address for receiver 
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10:Data 
50 F5:Source address 
Point to point data transmission can be send between any points in the  network: 

1. Even Coordinator power off, the point to point data transmission also can  send between Routers. 
2. After Router joined the network, the address (Short Address) will not change; 
3. Length of the byte data area must be equal to the length of the data, or data  transmission errors (as a 
transparent transmission, sent to the Coordinator); 
4. Up to 32 bytes of data area, or data transmission errors (as a transparent  transmission, sent to the 
5. Destination address =  0xFF  0xFF, was broadcast transmission, will be sent  to all nodes within the 
6. Destination address = 0x00 0x00, then sent to the Coordinator  

Point to point data transfer performance: 

Setting Instruction for DRF1600 Series  Zigbee Module 
(Commands are seeing  User Guide) 
User also can use Zigbee Module configure software to Setting Zigbee Module 



CC2530 ZigBee Module - RS232 - TTL
Giá: 195.000 đ /Cái
CC2530 ZigBee module -USB to UART
Giá: 195.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 6 Cái
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