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Đồng hồ Nhiệt độ Độ Ẩm HTC-1

Đồng hồ Nhiệt độ Độ Ẩm HTC-1

Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ, ngày giờ, độ ẩm, báo động trong nhà

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 11 Cái

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1652 lượt xem

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Digital LCD Temperature Humidity Meter Alarm Clock Calendar

Temperature & humidity meter HTC-1 is ideal for home, office, school, laboratory tests, hospital warehouse, etc, where requires temperature and humidity  monitoring and recording.

This temperature & humidity meter HTC-1 is characterized at:

  • Large-character LCD display
  • Multi-function
  • Low power consumption
  • High stability & accuracy


  • Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
  • Memory of Max & Min measuring value
  • 12/24 hours display system
  • ℃/℉ unit selectable
  • Integral-hour alarm function
  • Alarm function
  • Clock & calendar function ( month and date)
  • Desktop placing or wall hanging


  • Temperature range: -10℉~50℉ (14℉ ~ 122℉)
  • Humidity range: 20% ~ 99% RH
  • Resolution: 0.1℃ (0.1℉) / 1% RH
  • Accuracy: ±1℃ (1.8℉) / ±5% RH (40% ~80%)

Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery ( one piece)

Dimensions:  100*108*20mm

Operation guide:

  1. According to the direction of the rear battery door open, remove the battery every other piece, then replace the battery door, the machine can be used.
  2. Key features: (MODE) switch and the alarm clock display mode / set the current time, alarm, 12 or 24 hour clock, date (ADJ) is set to adjust the value of the item; (MEMORY) display memory in the highest / lowest temperature humidity / clear memory of the maximum / minimum Temperature and humidity values; (℃ / oF) to switch the temperature unit ℃ (degrees Celsius) or oF (degrees Fahrenheit) display; (RESET) to clear all settings / memory values, return to the initial state.
  3. In the initial state, press and hold (MODE) 1 sec, the current time the number of minutes start flashing, press (ADJ) can adjust the number of minutes, a continuous press (MODE) can be set separately, "Clock", "12/24 "," month (M) "," day (D) "
  4. In the current clock mode (clock and minute flashes once per second between two points) to switch the display mode for the alarm (clock and minutes between two non-flashing), then by (ADJ) to switch "alarm" (Alarm) function / "The whole point of time" () function on and off, and then press (MODE) 2 seconds, you can set the alarm time, and start "when the whole point of a very" function () symbol appear.
  5. The alarm mode, without any operation after a minute then returns the current clock, then press (ADJ) switch to the calendar display, 3 seconds automatically returns the current clock by MAX / MIN button to display the temperature / humidity last times clear (CLEAR) since the maximum value.
  6. According to (MEMORY) to display the memory temperature / humidity maximum (MAX) and minimum (MIN), press (MEMORY) more than 2 seconds to clear the memory of max / min.
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