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DIP CHIP Extractor

DIP CHIP Extractor

Dụng cụ tháo IC với kiểu chân DIP

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 60 Cái

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1, can be easily removed without injury to any PLCC IC conductor from the substrate. Uprooted PLCC, PGA, PCLL, DIP IC packaging or may be in the PCB SOCKET.
2, with a handshake, the IC uprooted vertically stable (non-use of force pull), leaving the IC can get a full pull of PIN.
3, dense arrangement of the IC can be directly pulled out, do not need to move to another IC.
4, the contact surfaces of different sizes within the IC 5.5cm can pull it out in a very short time, simple operation and effort.

PLCC chip extractor, if using a flathead screwdriver, because there are other elements around, very smoothly, without a dedicated disconnect the clip, it is difficult to remove, and improper operation will cause damage to the socket or chip, and even cause the chip fracture , broken legs. We are ready for you to pull the chip from the folder directly on the board to use, convenient package PLCC chip extractor is pulling all kinds of chips, a good tool manifold for motherboards, microcontroller, programmer.

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