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Đèn đeo đầu 8W

Đèn đeo đầu 8W

Màu trắng, 8W, 12-30VDC

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn : 5 Cái

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U.S. imports of high-power LED light source lamp beads, high brightness, long range, lamp life of up to 100,000 hours beads, external storage 6-30V battery for a long time lighting.

Main technical data:

    Source: 8W High Power (free replacement)
    Wide voltage: 12V-30V battery can, with internal voltage protection circuit.
    Flux :350-1000LM
    Positive and negative reversed without damaging the lamps.
    Reflector: vacuum plating aluminum lamp cup, can effectively reduce the optical loss and improve efficiency, concentrating reflectors with excellent results.
    Lamp with a switch, lamp angle adjustable up and down.
    The shell is made of high quality ABS plastic, sealing, anti-rain.
    Quality copper to ensure smooth current.
    Quality copper clip, powerful.

Spot diameter 8W: (indoor test)

    Irradiation of 2 m wall: spot about 13 cm
    Irradiation 5 m wall: spot about 18-20 cm
    10 m wall irradiation: about 30 centimeters spot

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