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CP2102 USB-UART module

CP2102 USB-UART module

CP2102 USB to TTL serial module UART STC download cable upgrade wire brush over PL2303

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TXD: the sender, usually expressed as their sender, normal communication must be connected to RXD another device.
RXD: the receiver, usually expressed as the receiving end of their normal communication TXD must be connected to another device.
When normal communication itself TXD RXD devices connected forever!
Self-closing spontaneous: RXD normal communication access other devices TXD, so if you want to receive data sent by their name suggests, it is their own to receive data transmitted, which is directly connected to its TXD RXD, used to send and receive test itself is normal, is the quickest and easiest way to test when there is a problem first do the test to determine whether a product failure. Also known as the loopback test.

Level logic:
TTL level: typically binary data representation, equivalent to + 5V predetermined logical "1", 0V is equivalent to logic "0" signal is referred to as a TTL system is the positive logic
RS232 level: the use of -12V -3V, equivalent to a logic "0", + 3V to + 12V logic level equivalent to logic "1", the negative logic

Product Description:
1. The main chip for the CP2102, generate a virtual serial port driver after installation
2. USB to take power, leads to the interface include 3.3V (<40mA), 5V, GND, TX, RX, the signal pin level is 3.3V, positive logic
3. On-board status indicators, send and receive lights, right after installing the driver status indicator will be lit, the transceiver indicator flashes when communication baud rate, the higher the lower the brightness
4. Supports baud rates from 300bps ~ 1Mbps between
5. The communication format support: 1) 5,6,7,8 data bits; 2) support, 1.5, 2 stop bits; 3) odd, even, mark, space, none parity
6. Support for the operating system: windows vista / xp / server 2003/200, Mac OS-X / OS-9, Linux
7. USB head is male, can be connected directly to the computer USB port
8. SMD components for SMT production process, quality and stability
9. Excluding USB head volume: (mm)
Buy this product include the following accessories:
A welding test module a good
2,20cm long line 4P Dupont

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