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Trụ Đỡ Cái-Cái, Ø=4mm, L=20mm
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Switching Voltage Regulators 1A SD VTG Reg
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Còn: 140 Cái
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MD8-M Đầu Jack Tròn
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Mạch chuyển 6 chức năng CP2102 USB/ UART TTL/ RS232/ RS485

Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 6 Cái

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Embedded applications, is the most widely distributed serial communication peripherals, but embedded engineers will inevitably be a variety of serial standards and voltage level problems. Due to various reasons, the formation of a TTL level interface, RS232 level interface, RS485 level interface, different interfaces have different features, the interface device preferences are different.

A top six high-end USB serial module! Compatible with 3.3V and 5V level.

Comparison of similar products on the market, you will find some others features we have, others do not, we have. Features: 3.3V output, overcurrent protection, 232 to 485, automatic transceiver control, industrial grade components and so on.


1. Duper compatibility. Full support for Win8, Win7, WinXp, Win2K, WinCE, Linux, Mac, systems, 32-bit, 64-bit system, full support for the latest driver (owner pro-test, reassure parents buy)

2. Import core chip CP2102. CP2102 USB to serial chip is the best quality, most stable, performance is far cheaper than similar chips, such as PL2303, FT232, CH341 and so on. High-speed, reliable and stable is capable of leading sales CP2102 USB to serial module, an important reason.

3. Ultra-small size: The circuit board is only 3.1cm X 1.8cm. Ultra-small size, lack of a U disk size, only with a USB port width, even in those two USB ports on a very tight distance laptops can easily be placed side by side two.

4. 3.3V and + 5V compatible: This product is the perfect support for 3.3V. Now a lot of high-end microcontroller, such as ARM, STM32, DSP, adopted 3.3V. Other modules are only compatible 5V level, they do not have the 3.3V output.

5. Power output: you can use this module to the microcontroller system powered, easy to debug. 5V-500mA or 3.3V-100mA.

6. Overcurrent protection: on-board self-recovery fuse, even if the positive and negative terminal will not damage the circuit board or a computer. If there is a short circuit or current exceeds 500mA, the fuse will automatically disconnect, to be a non-short-circuited fuse circuit restore back to normal. Effectively protect the security of your computer.

7. Receiving indicator: When the serial line to send or receive data lines, the board will receive the indicator lights for easy debugging.

8. TTL level interface: can be directly connected microcontroller or other embedded devices, such as 51, STC, AVR, ARM, FPGA, etc., without conversion.

9. RS232 level interface: connect a computer or Rs232 level serial devices.

10. RS485 level interface: automatic transceiver control, without receiving the control line, the default receiving state, to send a status line when sending data.

11. Four levels of freedom system conversion: a unique circuit design, USB, TTL, RS232, RS485 freedom conversion, switched by the switch to achieve physical, convenient and reliable, without interference.

12. High-speed communication: Baud Rate up to 2Mbps.

13. DTR, RTS signal: serial module leads the DTR, RTS signal is versatile, supporting a full range of Arduino program download, MSP430 MCU BSL downloads.

14. High Quality: This module uses the whole machine patch process technology, quality and cheap manual patch welding have a qualitative difference, stable and reliable performance guarantee. To ensure quality, in strict accordance with industry procedures, the first steel mesh, and then use a large reflow machine welded. Weld eliminate caused due to hand soldering, desoldering, weld and other quality problems.

15. Industrial-grade chips: Our module uses the industry's best to use a CP2102 chip, reliable quality. All interface chip SMD components are imported for Maxim (Maxim) company industrial chip: Max485ESA, attention suffix for commercial grade (CSA, CSE), 232 chip SIPEX company imported industrial chip SP232EEN (Note suffix )!

  • USB to TTL
  • USB to RS232
  • USB to RS485
  • TTL to RS232
  • TTL to RS485
  • RS232 to RS485


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