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Conductivity meter CM-230

Conductivity meter CM-230

Conductivity meter with LCD Monitor, 0-2000us/cm Error:2%

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

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Features and use:
CM - 230 type electric conductivity can monitor the conductivity of pure water and general solution values for long time continuous measurement and monitoring, the hole plug-in installation, with WenPiao automatic compensation circuit, ensure the accuracy of measurement of the product, it is widely used in ion exchange, reverse osmosis water system equipment such as raw water and the conductivity value measurement, monitoring, water quality.

The main technical performance:

Measuring range: 0 ~ 2000 mu S/cm
Classified into 0 ~ 20.00 mu S/cm, 0 ~ 200.0 mu S/cm, 0 ~ 2000 mu S/cm 3 range manually;
Explicit way: a, 0.5 "LCD conductance directness read display (with backlit display);
Base of temperature compensation, automatic temperature compensation, the prefix = st125 C, the compensation range is 0 ~ 60 C;
Accuracy: + / - 2% (f. S);
Plastic platinum electrode configuration: 1.00 cm - 1 black electrode, 4 'pipeline screw thread connection, 5 m wire length;
Signal output: 4 ~ 20 ma current signal (optional conductivity limit alarm output);
Instrument size:
Surface box size: 96 x 48 (mm)
Hole size: 91 x 45 (mm)
Instrument depth: 100 (mm)
Instrument working power supply: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz;
Instrument working conditions:
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 C
Relative humidity: 85% or less
Medium temperature: 0 ~ 50 C
~ product inspection basis: JB/T6855

Wiring instructions

 (1) (3) the AC220V plus or minus 10% empty access terminal (2) and (4) ,(7) the red pick T (R) (8) purple line by CELL (V) (9) yellow line connect.net (Y) (10) the blue line after the CELL (W)
ZERO - meter ZERO button (not electrode drying condition, instrument display to ZERO, adjusting this button makes its instruction is ZERO).
CHECK - electrode constant adjusting knob (remove the short-circuit insert to CHECK and adjust the potentiometer instrument for electrode constant value).
Installation note:
(1), low electrode should be installed in the pipeline position, the velocity stability and not easy to generate bubbles;
(2), the paperback and the vertical conductivity pool activities should go deep into the water;
(3), measuring signal belongs to the weak electric signal, its acquisition cable shall be independent line, prohibition and power line, line connection in the same set of cable connector or terminal board, lest be affected with damp be affected with damp interference or breakdown damage measurement unit;
(4), measuring cable need to be extended, please contact the manufacturer or supplier before the convention.
Set up the installation, plug, please AS:
1, the constant correction:
Remove the rear panel short-circuit insert K1 to CHECK (calibration), constant value, the screen shows the data as the electrode in case the distribution constant discrepancy, can regulate the CHECK button to make it fit.
2, choice of range:
Remove the rear panel short-circuit insert to different range, which can realize switch range.Please select a suitable range for optimal resolution.The range is too big, reading accuracy will be reduced.Is shown as "1", said the conductivity of the test solution over the range, the high should switch to a range.

Common fault diagnosis and processing 

The phenomenon of
Possible reasons for
Elimination method
No display instrument
L didn't plug in
L instrument faults
L check are there 220 v voltage between the power terminal;
L ask professional repair, because of quality problem, manufacturers offer repair or exchange within a year.
Display is not stable
L electrode connection is not correct
L have a bubble in a pipe
L water quality is not stable
L power has strong interference
L be charged flow
L look for a wrong cable
L corrective or an alternate measurement point
L with stable water exclusion instrument
L depending on the reason of the power to take measures
Before entering the electrode in stainless steel tube grounding
Error reading
L constant setting is not correct
L electrode constant change
L is point velocity or stagnant water
L to readjust
L replacing electrode
L electrodes mounted on the velocity is slow
Electrode instrument instructions have a numerical after dehydration
L electrode flooding or cable insulation performance degradation
There's a foreign body in l electrodes
L terminal be affected with damp be affected with damp
L new electrode
L find out the reason for processing



1.1 pcs conductivity meter

2.1 pcs Sensors


3.1 pcs instrument mount


4.1 pcs product certification


5.1 pcs CM-230 Manual
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