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DS18B20, LCD1602 + LCD12864 LCD interface

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1. All microcontroller IO port all leads and clearly marked by rows of needle experiment more convenient.

2. Classic ATmega16A minimum system, eliminating the need for soldering trouble

3. Crystal: The welding socket hole, the convenience of buyers to replace the crystal, the crystal 8M default hair, need to put on the line to win the direct use of other frequency crystal oscillator.

4. Support Chip: ATMEGA16L / ATMEGA16 / ATmega16A / ATmega32 chip and pin-compatible with the aforementioned chip, this board is shipped by default with the new version replaces the previous ATMEGA16L ATMEGA16A directly or ATMEGA16.

5. Power supply: 1) an external DC power supply

                      2) powered by USB power distribution lines

                      3) ISP or JTAG emulator download for power development board

6. expand outside microcontroller IO pin in addition to containing the estuary, 5V 3.3V GND pin also been drawn with. Convenient powering external devices.

7. Reset: power-on reset and reset button

8.4 Independent programmable buttons

9. standard ISP download interface, by using our shop 51 / avr download the program is able to achieve the minimum system easy download

10. The standard JTAG interface, by using our JTAG emulator debugging can be achieved online or download.

11. LCD1602 and LCD12864 LCD interface

12. DS18B20 temperature sensor interface

13. RS232 and RS485 communication interface

14. Select the entire board can take the jumper working voltage of 5V or 3.3V


ATmega16A a minimum system

USB power cable a

Board foot column 4

A CD-ROM learning materials (including software, example programs, schematics, learning materials, etc.)

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