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  • Dual-Band 800/ 1800 MHz
  • Đế Sim Card tích hợp trên board
  • Header 2x10, 2.54mm dể dàng kết nối và thiết kế 
  • Kích thước nhỏ gọn

ZeusTek ZTK-SIM900A module ( development board ) onboard resources as follows:

    GSM module : SIM900A
    1 RTC backup battery
    A microphone interface
    A headphone jack
    An RS232 interface selection
    An RS232 serial port
    A lithium battery Interface
    A power input interface
    A power indicator ( blue )
    A power switch
    A clamshell SIM card
    An SMA antenna connector and antenna supporting small pepper
    A power on / off button
    A network status indicator ( red )
    SIM900A modules were used for all IO port pin leads , easy to use

 ZTK-SIM900A module ( development board ) using industry -standard design , features include:

Onboard RS232 serial port ( supports hardware flow control ) , convenient and PC / IPC and other devices ;
Onboard 3.5mm headphone and microphone stand , to facilitate voice communication development ;
Leads all the IO port SIM900A modules , and communications section IO port compatibility design made for easy connection 3.3V/5V SCM system ;
Onboard efficient synchronous buck circuit , the conversion efficiency up to 90% , support for wide voltage range (5 ~ 24V), ideal for industrial applications ;
 Onboard power anti-reverse protection , TVS power protection and SIM ESD protection , the protection function ;
Board RTC backup battery (XH414H-IV01E), without worrying about the power-down problem ;
Onboard peppers antenna , can effectively improve the signal reception ;
 Adoption of international A-level PCB material , immersion gold processing technology , stable and reliable ;
With a new component machining , copper plated pin , durable ;
Humanized design, each interface has silkscreen labels , use a glance ; connector location and reasonable arrangements designed to facilitate smoothly.
PCB size is 80mm * 58mm, and with mounting holes , small and exquisite ;

4, ZTK-SIM900A GSM / GPRS module ( development board ) Specification

ZTK-SIM900A SIMCOM module onboard the company's industrial-grade dual-band GSM / GPRS module : SIM900A, working band frequency : 900/1800Mhz, can achieve low-power voice , SMS ( SMS, MMS is not supported ) , data, and fax messages transmission.

 ZTK-SIM900A and LVTTL module supports RS232 serial port , and with hardware flow control , support for 5V ~ 24V the wide scope of work, so that the module can be very convenient to connect with your product , giving your product , including voice, SMS and GPRS data transmission and other functions.

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