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Arduino PS2 sensor JoyStick

Arduino PS2 sensor JoyStick

Arduino biaxial PS2 games button joystick control lever sensor JoyStick electronic

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Nhà sản xuất: Chưa xác định

Còn : 26 Cái

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Quality rocker, long life, stable performance
Two analog outputs, one digital output
X, Y axis output for two potentiometers, twist angle can be read out via the AD converter
 Press down on the joystick, touch switches can be sent all the way, as a digital output, has a pull-
Applies to two degrees of freedom, or other remote PTZ control servo proportional control
Suitable for arduino platform compatible arduino sensor interface

A joystick module
No schematics, can provide arduino code PTZ control two degrees of freedom

Arduino biaxial PS2 games rocker button joystick lever JoyStick electronic building blocks

2012 latest PS2 game joystick module using biaxial button on SONY PS2 gamepad's original high-quality metal buttons rocker potentiometer module ad hoc Road analog outputs and one digital output interface, the output value corresponding to (X, Y) pairs axis offset, the type of analog; button indicates whether the user pressed the Z axis, and its type is a digital switch. Module integrated power indicator can display the working status; coordinate identifiers clear and concise, accurate positioning; using it can easily control objects (such as two degrees of freedom servo head) movement in two-dimensional space, so you can Arduino controller programming, sensor expansion board connectors, complete with a remote interactive creative works.

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