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WMRNET Concentrator APC910M-47

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Nhà sản xuất: Appcon

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  WMRNET wireless meter reading network is set for the three-copy form to develop self-organizing wireless networks, reliable network system topology, the network's largest series to 10, can accommodate a maximum of 1024 nodes, the logical address of module 6 characters section of the table ID. WMRNET peer-to-peer network, each module is the same, have a routing function, the router does not have a separate construction is very simple to install, real plug-and-play, auto-complete the process of networking, on-site without the artificial setting parameters . 

       WMRNET network to automatically optimize network routing, auto-discovery and deletion of nodes, the node failure, WMRNET with automatic recognition function, and can automatically repair routing, so that the best communications network in the state, as a result of the use of mesh (mesh) topology, network reliability and has a higher success rate of meter-reading performance. 

       WMRNET wireless network module embedded in the United States within ADI's high-performance radio frequency chips, software, data link encoding using innovative and efficient cycle error correction coding intertwined, the largest continuous burst 24bits can correct the error, the coding gain of up to nearly 3dBm, anti - unexpected disturbances and sensitivity are improved. Modules and modules of communication between the distance of more than 500-1000m. WMRNET wireless network with strong penetrating power, distance, outdoor network coverage over a radius of 4Km. 


  • Completely self-organizing network automatically optimize routing, auto-discovery and deletion of nodes.
  • Robust mesh (MESH) structure, stable performance, high reliability.
  • Route 10, maximum support up to 1024 nodes.
  • Plug and Play, auto-complete the process of networking, on-site without the artificial setting parameters.
  • The formation of network speed, speed meter, one meter high success rate.
  • Free wireless measurement frequency(470-510MHz),
  • Multi-frequency point can be set.
  • Node module ADI American high-performance radio frequency chips.
  • Coding using the cycle of high-performance error correction coding intertwined.
  • Penetrating ability, distance, outdoor network coverage over a radius of 4Km.
  • A uniform 6-byte ID, supports a variety of the Statute.
  • Excellent value for money.
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