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Anti-static shoes

Anti-static shoes

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Electrical properties:
PVC soles resistance :105-8Ω
PU soles resistance :106-9Ω
Instructions for use:
Anti-static shoes is to eliminate static electricity buildup body, but also to prevent shock following current 250v protective footwear.
Anti-static shoes should not be worn at the same time when wearing thick wool socks and insulated insulated insole prohibit anti-static shoes when insulated shoes.
Use anti-static shoes, anti-static place should be on the ground, using conductive shoes should be able to place a conductive ground.
Anti-static and anti-static clothing shoes should pay attention to products supporting the use of clean, waterproof, moisture-proof.
Soft, lightweight, comfortable and convenient
Easy to clean, fast drying
White soles, without leaving any traces on the floor
Apply to electronic and semiconductor assembly and test factory area

Anti-static shoes can effectively eliminate static electricity on the human body.

The principle is: anti-static shoes by wearing an antistatic surface (anti-static mats, carpets, etc.), so that the body's electrostatic charge-oriented land from the human body, thereby eliminating the human body static electricity.

Features: Under the influence of the sole surface abrasion resistance, release of contamination is small, with acid, alkali, oil performance, durable, non-slip, good antistatic properties and other advantages. Application site: electronics, semiconductor Health, medicine, food, optics and any other anti-static clean room or place, clean room workshop.

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