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Anti-static Gloves

Anti-static Gloves

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The use of special anti-static Dacron cloth production, and a conductive substrate by a Dacron fibers, conductive fiber spacing 4mm, gloves with excellent elasticity and anti-static properties, static electricity produced by the body to avoid damage to the product, it fits in the electronic industry, semiconductor, clean room, and is widely used in daily life.

Required for the operation of the anti-static gloves, decontamination clean room environment. Wear antistatic gloves to avoid direct contact with the operator finger static-sensitive components and can be safely carried by the human operator to discharge electrostatic charge. It is the semiconductor industry, optical industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics manufacturing kinescope, computer motherboard manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturing plant and other necessary staff work wear. Gloves mainly for the required anti-static environment, such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries, to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components caused by aging; in the petrochemical industry can prevent static electricity caused by fire, explosion or other dangerous

Surface resistance 106-109 Ω;
Static decay time <0.1sec
Electric charge <0.3 μ C / pair
Washing times: A grade> 100; B grade> 50

Use anti-static gloves:
Excellent antistatic properties, resistance to washing. Can eliminate static electricity on the human body, human motion or eliminate discomfort when worn off by static electricity generated. Can eliminate static electricity caused by personal clothes, tangles, easy to stick dust, dirt and easy to wash. Anti-static gloves are widely used in electronics, machinery manufacturing, medical and other industries. Mainly for the required anti-static gloves environments such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

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