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Anti-static boots

Anti-static boots

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 2 Cái

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Size: 42,43

Antistatic work shoes is composed of uppers and soles
The sole is made of injection molding process by
Materials uppers are: leather, fine canvas, composite TC cloth, composite conductive silk
 There are two kinds of sole materials: PVC, PU
Style: anti-static work shoes, style complete, are: four-hole shoes, mesh shoes, holes, hole mesh shoes, slippers, overshoes, uppers style can also be customized according to customer requirements
Electrical properties:
        PVC soles resistance :107-8Ω
        PU soles resistance :108-9Ω
Instructions for use:
        Anti-static shoes is to eliminate static electricity buildup body, but also to prevent shock following current 250V protective footwear
        Anti-static shoes should not be worn at the same time when wearing thick wool socks and insulated insulated insole prohibit anti-static shoes when using insulated shoes
        Use anti-static shoes should be anti-static place on the ground, using conductive shoes should be able to place a conductive ground
        Anti-static and anti-static clothing shoes should pay attention to products supporting the use of clean water, moisture
        Soft, lightweight, comfortable and convenient
        Easy to clean, fast drying
        White soles, without leaving any traces on the floor
        Apply to electronic and semiconductor assembly and test factory area
 Shoes correspondence Size:
225-35 code; 230-36 code; 235-37 code; 240-38 code; 245-39 code; 250-40 code; 255-41 code; 260-42 code; 265-43 code; 270-44 code;

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