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AD16-16SM-24V Đèn Còi Báo
Đèn báo đỏ có còi 24VDC, D=20 mm, 5W
0 đ/Cái
ANTI-ST-CT-V2 Áo Chống Tĩnh Điện
Áo chống tĩnh điện, chống bụi, có nhiều màu, kích cỡ
119,000 đ/Cái
Anti-ST-HAT Nón Chống Tĩnh Điện
Có nhiều màu sắc
29,000 đ/Cái
ANTI-ST-STRAP Dây Chống Tĩnh Điện Giày
Dây Chống Tĩnh Điện Giày
29,000 đ/Cái
4.3inch FPGA LCD
LCD 4.3inch dùng cho board FPGA
1,190,000 đ/Cái
1Gb DDR3, 128Mb Flash, VGA, microSD, Jtag, USB
3,399,000 đ/Cái
SDRAM 256Mb, 16M Flash, VGA, microSD, Jtag, USB
1,349,000 đ/Cái
AD-DA-8Bit Module Chuyển Đổi AD-DA
DA chip: AD9708 8bit, AD chip: AD9280 8bit
589,000 đ/Cái
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Nhà sản xuất: Altera

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SDRAM: 256Mbit (16M * 16bit)
SRAM: 4Mbit (256K * 16bit)
Serial FLASH: 64Mbit (EPCS64,)
Parallel FLASH: 32Mbit (4M * 8bit)
Rows of seats: 2.0mm 22 * 2
Dual crystal: 50M/40M (Figure welded only one crystal, the sale of the core board, two crystal will be welded)
IO number: IO expansion port 110 (2.54mm pitch expansion port)
Download: support the AS mode and JTAG mode
Custom indicator: 4
Reset button: 1
Download Indicator: 1
Size: 76 x 76 mm

Black gold power community launched this CYCLONE IV (4 generations) core board using the FPGA model: EP4CE15F17C8N chip index as shown below:

The chip optimized 60-nm low-power technology, the Cyclone IV E FPGAs to expand the low-power advantages of the previous generation of the Cyclone III FPGA. The latest generation of devices to reduce the core voltage, the total power consumption reduced by 25% compared with the previous generation of products.

The development board uses a four-layer PCB design, immersion gold process, the FPGA BGA package, a great provider of performance and stability of the entire core board.

Hardware upgrades:
This core board with the black gold of the second generation core board pin-compatible, you can directly connect with the backplane hardware upgrade. Purchased the FPGA black gold development board (DB2C8) user, you can buy this core board hardware upgrades, not only can experience the CYCLONE IV powerful features, but also save your expenses.

In order to allow the FPGA to play its powerful features, black gold development board, its design a resource-rich expansion board. Here we come to a brief extension board allocation of resources.

1.Support network configuration ENC28J60 Ethernet port chip. The ENC28J60 yes of Microchip Technology (Microchip Technology, Inc.) 28-pin stand-alone Ethernet controller. Most Ethernet controller package of more than 80-pin ENC28J60 only the IEEE 802.3-compliant 28-pin, can provide the appropriate functionality, but also can greatly simplify the design, reducing the space;

2.USB capabilities, configuration CH376 chip. CH376 the way of support for the USB device and USB host mode, and built-in USB communication protocol firmware, built-Mass-Storage mass storage device dedicated communication protocol firmware, built-in communication interface firmware of the SD card, built-in the FAT16 and FAT32 and FAT12 file system management firmware, and support for USB storage devices (including the U disk / USB hard drive / USB flash drive / USB card reader) and the SD card (including the standard-capacity SD card and high-capacity HC-SD cards, and protocol-compatible MMC card and TF card);

3.Support on-board 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD. ST7565P control chip, built-in DC / DC Converters, adjust the contrast by software. The chip supports parallel and serial port two ways;

4.Support real-time clock (RTC), and configure the DS1302 chip. DS1302 is the DALLAS launched a high-performance, low power, RAM, real-time clock circuit, it can be the year, month, day, week, hours, minutes, seconds chronograph with leap year compensation function, the operating voltage 2.5V ~ 5.5V. The three-wire synchronous communication interface with the CPU, and can burst mode send the byte clock signal or RAM data. The DS1302 has a 31 × 8 RAM for temporary storage of data registers. The DS1302 is the DS1202 upgrade, compatible with the DS1202, but the main power supply / back power dual-supply pins, while providing the ability to back power to a trickle current charge;

5.Support EEPROM configuration 24LC04 chip. 24LC04 is a 512 * 8bit EEPROM to support IIC interface;

6.Supports PS / 2 interface, keyboard and mouse PS / 2 interface can be achieved;

7.RS232 serial interface, you can send and receive serial data;

8.Support 6 Yang digital control, dynamic scanning;

9.Five separate keys, and LCD with the construct of the perfect man-machine interface;

10.Support for the VGA port, each color line has three colors were red, green and blue. R, G and B signals in different combinations can be displayed 8 colors;

11.Support buzzer, support a simple music player;

12.4 LED water lights and other tests;

Supporting information:
This core board supporting two DVD discs, which contains the schematics, source code, the original tutorial, as well as video tutorials, and more.

Supporting FPGA development software:
Quartus II 11.0sp1
NIOS II IDE 11.0sp1
ModelSim 10.0c SE

Shipping list:
FPGA core board X1
FPGA backplaneX1

USB download cable X1set
Transparent protection plate X2
5V/2A power X1
12864 onboard liquid crystal X1

Supporting CD X3
Pillars screw X1set
Serial line X1

Beautifully packaged box X1set




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