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8-LED-KEY Module

8-LED-KEY Module

Module có 8 LED và 8 nút nhấn

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 7 Cái

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696 lượt xem

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It includes the following resources:
1. 8 keys,
2. 8 LEDs,
3. 8-bit digital control, common cathode LED digital tube,
4. Such as STC microcontroller can be directly connected,
5, To provide the driver ardiuno;

The module is used in chip TM1638, a collection of these three common MCU peripheral circuit, the biggest feature is just take three microcontroller IO port to drive, do not need to scan display and key scanning microcontroller intervention, only need to read the relevant register send display data or test button, save MCU resources. Buy this module provides sample program.

Imagine, we usually use an external microcontroller 8 LED, 8 digital tube, eight keys which will occupy the number of IO ports, far more than three IO mouth it, but with this module can be achieved. The practical application of key sensitive display good results.

VCC GND connected to 5V power supply, STB CLK DIO connected microcontroller IO port.

1. Press the digital LED display module 1
2. 20CM connection Dupont line 5
3. The driver code and other information supplied C51

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