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Exynos 4210

Exynos 4210

MCU ARM Cortex A9, 1.2GHz, Samsung

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Nhà sản xuất: Samsung

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  • ARM CortexA9 dual core subsystem with 64-/128-bit SIMD NEON
    - 32KB (Instruction)/32KB (Data) L1 Cache and 1MB L2 Cache
    - 1.2Hz and 1.0GHz Core Frequency: Voltage 1.2V
  • 64-bit Multi-layered bus architecture
  • Internal ROM and RAM for secure booting, security, and general purposes
  • Memory Subsystem:
    - SRAM/ROM/NOR/NAND Interface with x8 or x16 data bus
    - OneNAND Interface with x16 data bus
    - 2-ports 32-bit 800Mbps LPDDR2/DDR2/DDR3 Interfaces
  • 8-bit ITU 601/656 Camera Interface
  • Multi-format Video Hardware Codec: 1080p 30fps (capable of decoding and encoding MPEG-4/H.263/H.264) and 1080p 30fps (capable of decoding MPEG-2/VC1)
  • JPEG Hardware Codec
  • 3D and 2D graphics hardware, supporting OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, and OpenVG 1.1
  • LCD single or dual display, supporting 24bpp RGB, MIPI
  • Native triple display, supporting WSVGA LCD dual display and 1080p HDMI, simultaneously
  • Composite TV-out and HDMI 1.3a interfaces
  • GPS baseband integration with GPS RF interface
  • 2-ports (4-lanes and 2-lanes) MIPI DSI and MIPI CSI interfaces
  • 1-channel AC-97, 2-channel PCM, and 3-channel 24-bit I2S audio interface, supporting 5.1 channel audio
  • 1-channel S/PDIF interface support for digital audio
  • 8-channel I2C interface support for PMIC, HDMI, and general-purpose multi-master
  • 3-channel high-speed SPI
  • 4-channel high-speed UART (up to 3Mbps data rate for Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and IrDA 1.0 SIR)
  • USB 2.0 Device 1-channel, supporting FS/HS (12Mbps/480Mbps) with on-chip PHY
  • USB 2.0 Host 1-channel, supporting LS/FS/HS (1.5Mbps/12Mbps/480Mbps) with on-chip PHY
  • USB HSIC 2-channel, supporting (480Mbps) with on-chip PHY
  • Asynchronous Direct Modem Interface with 16KB DPSRAM
  • 4-channel SD/MMC interface, supporting SD 2.0, HS-MMC 4.3, and 1ch HS-MMC 4.4 DDR 4-bit interface muxed with HS-MMC 4.3
  • SATA AHCI 1-channel, supporting SATA1 (1.5Gbps) and SATA2 (3.0Gbps) with on-chip PHY
  • 32-channel DMA Controller
  • 14x8 keypad support
  • 10-channel 12-bit multiplexed ADCs
  • Configurable GPIOs
  • Real time clock, PLLs, timer with PWM, and watchdog timer
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